Ask yourself guy, whats happen if you come horny to a dominatrix

Category: Fetish
Duration: 6:49 Min.
180o - 60FPS - FullHD - SBS

Action Tags: 3D, Ass Smacking, Brunettes, Domination, Extreme Domination, Fire Play, Kicking, Male Domination, Virtual Reality, Ball Kicking, Domination, Virtual Reality

I give you a good advice guys, even you visit a private dominatrix, ask her in advance about her moods. Well this guy was a little bit horny but after this treatment from me, he not getting his dick big for days. I really give him a lesson in pain. Ass kicking, dick struggling, ass slapping and finally I make him fire in his ass! Watch me, having fun with this slave loser. I pee on this small dick jerker and he says thank you for it! Idiot loser!

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