Small-penis humiliation

Category: Fetish
Duration: 13:08 Min.
180o - 60FPS - FullHD - SBS

Action Tags: Ass Worship, Brunettes, Domination, Humiliation, Mesmerize, Small Penis Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation, Virtual Reality, Intox, Coerced Intoxication, Poppers

You are also proud of this little sausage in your pants, right? Look at this little wiener sausage in my hand, I swallow it without even biting off a piece of it. So it is with your little, puny, dirty cock. He is so small that I would not even feel it in my mouth, not even in my pussy. No matter how much I try to make you horny, it does not help! You will forever be a small cock jerker. The only thing that makes you horny is the poppers and on your knees you beg me to give you more of it, until your little brain is completely exhausted. Yes! Take a deep breathe and enjoy the intoxication, more does not make you horny anyway!

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